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Team mix fit kickboxing class


No need to stress or be worried about taking our fun cardio kickboxing classes! Classes ARE NOT FULL CONTACT. Low-intensity & high-intensity modifications given. Kickboxing can help reduce stress – you can kick & punch your way to a stress-free zone within minutes. Build confidence, endurance, improve coordination, boost energy & burn mega calories all while having a great time. We use pads, bags & weights. All classes will incorporate core & cardio work.

Team Mix fit strength training group

Strength Training

We focus on strengthening our core/abs to help reduce back pain, improve lifting mechanics, balance, stability & posture. Every class with have some core/ab work incorporated. We use our own body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, stability balls & other equipment & techniques to strengthen our core. All fitness levels are able to work on their core/ab strength! All classes will have core & cardio work incorporated in them.

Team Mix Fit Plank

Cardio & Core

Strength training can enhance your quality of life & improve your everyday activities. By building up your muscles you are building better balance helping reduce risk of falls, building more lean muscle mass, reduces body fat percentage. We use our own body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands & other equipment & techniques to build & tone our muscles. All fitness levels are able to work on enhancing their muscle and strength. All classes will have core & cardio work incorporated in them.

Team Mix Fit + MyZone

MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitor

Exercise tracker and heart rate monitor with built-in memory and unrivaled versatility.Belt up, collect MEPs and go for your goals. The MZ-3 connects easily to your phone, favourite cardio machines and screens in the gym so you can workout your way. Go phone-free with built-in memory and make every workout count. Join millions of Myzone users and find your squad. Fun, fair fitness.

we are
Team Mix Fit

We are extremely passionate about helping others look & feel healthier, building self-confidence and living a balanced life. Fitness can truly change your life. You do not have to train to be a bodybuilder or to compete, you can train to be the best you that you can be! That’s where I come in. We here to motivate & inspire you!

What Our Members Say

"If you are looking for a place to get in shape and just feel good about yourself, Team Mix Fit is the place to be. Lori finds fun and exciting ways to burn those calories and build muscle! Whether you’re 22 or 52, you will get the most out of each class! The modifications that are provided if needed are amazing! "
Tammy P.
"Awesome classes and the other great ladies. You gave me the greatest gift – your classes strengthened me physically and emotionally, and were so much fun. Thanks for putting your heart into all you do!"
Ellie P.
"I worked out with Lori as my trainer for a little over a year until she moved out of state, otherwise I’d still be going to see her! I felt the strongest I’ve ever been when I was going to her 2-3 days a week for workouts. I was losing inches while feeling stronger every week. Lori has the best work-out energy, a perfect combo of supportive encouraging and fun."
Amanda H.

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