As a former dance student learning movement based on Martha Graham techniques, I found a passion where I could work within my own limitations, without judgment, and still feel good about myself.  Although it was a short experience, my passion for dance and fitness never changed. From cardio dance and step to yoga and Pilates, I never met a class I didn’t love!However, it was only after my exposure to an amazing program called LeBarre, coupled with some wonderful encouragement from a friend, did I push myself to become a fitness instructor.  

 Since that time, I became a certified instructor for the Cize Live (Beachbody®) and LeBarre (Lebert Training Systems) formats.  This is not a coincidence. The Cize Live and LeBarre programs are purposefully designed to be suitable for all levels of participants and promise to foster an environment for you to be yourself.   Exercise should be meaningful, fun, and influence your life in a positive way.

 My love, passion, and privilege for teaching group fitness stems from witnessing class participants harness their personal inner strength to accomplish a variety of health and lifestyle goals. It may not always be easy, but I truly believe that with dedication and determination, you can do anything imaginable.  

 All you need is faith in yourself. We only get one life and you deserve an amazing one. Let go and put those fears behind you. Or better yet, let’s conquer those fears together. It is your time to shine!

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