Special Certifications:

  • AFFA Certified Group Instructor
  • Wellness Coach
Classes I specialize in:

  • R.I.P.P.E.D. for adults & kids
  • Kickboxing
  • Weight Training
  • Kids Fitness Fun

I am a fitness success story – in 2005, I was injured at work as a police officer. After 3 years of numerous surgeries and physical therapy, I was forced to medically retire. My arm was pretty useless for a long time.  I started taking a kickboxing bootcamp, taking it slow, working through the pain, and never giving up! My instructor pushed me and encouraged me to do more each class. As I started getting stronger both mentally and physically, I started seeing my arm healing and my life returning to a more normal state. I was beyond thrilled. This experience opened my eye and showed me exactly what exercise can do! Not only can it help heal you physically – more importantly it can help heal you mentally & emotionally! I then knew what my life’s journey was.

I was hooked! Now it has become my mission to motivate and encourage others to live a more positive, healthy, active life style. No matter where you are, you can improve your mind, body and soul! I truly love helping others look and feel amazing! When I get to see the transformation both physically and mentally happen it is so powerful and life changing.

Fun fact about me: I am a crazy Denver Broncos fan, when they are playing, I am a superstitious fan.  I start the game out with wearing 1 item of team clothing (usually a shirt/jersey) then the more love & encouragement the team needs, I add on one thing at a time, either socks, hat, earrings, etc. Oh and I always drink out of my Denver cup or wine glass!

Questions, Call Me-707-529-2866 or email: Teammixfit@comcast.net


  • Fitness KickboxingFri 5:30 am - 6:00 am