“Team Mix Fit is a GREAT place for a Birthday Party! I had my daughter Emili’s 12 Birthday and the girls danced and Hula Hooped with glow stix and balloons! It was AWESOME! Thank you Lori”

Kristi M


“Hula Hooping at Team Mix Fit can only be described by saying it is having fun and getting fit at the same time!  Anyone can do this no matter the age.  Our Instructor, Lori, managed to combine fitness moves with the weighted Hula Hoops.  These hoops aren’t the ones you remember from childhood, but vary in weight, thus extremely easy to use.  I am anxiously waiting for the next class.”

– Jan Perry

What a great work out studio. I’ve been attending the 30min lunch work out with Lori at MixFit It’s fun and different everyday. I’ve been gaining strength and losing inches. I leave my work out with energy to finish up my work day. I love working out with Lori. She is sincere and knows just how to push you just a little harder each time. Thank You Lori for believing in me.

-Jill S

“Let me say, I am a 49-year old non-athlete.  I love the fitness kickboxing classes at Team Mix Fit.  The instructors are encouraging and helpful with modifications to all exercise (and laugh at my groans of protest). The classes are challenging, but loads of fun – I feel like I’m getting exercise and therapy at the same time!”

“I also do Yoga with Rachel 2 mornings a week at Team Mix Fit.  It is the perfect counterpoint to the high-impact kickboxing. Rachel’s classes are teaching me to be mindful and calm. Team Mix Fit is my place to feel strong!”

– Melinda A

“I love RIPPED, it is so much fun and makes me feel great!”

– Karen A

I have always said that I was allergic to exercise, that’s not the case now! The lunchtime power work out is fantastic. Lori is an amazing instructor; she talks to you throughout the session letting you know what muscle you are working, why that exercise is beneficial, etc. The workout changes each day, each week, keeping the body guessing and even you for that matter. You know how working out with a friend gives you more motivation? Well Lori makes you feel like a friend!! I have been doing the lunchtime workout for a month now and I haven’t lost any weight nor have I gained any!). During the first couple weeks I was disappointed that I hadn’t lost any weight, but as the weeks passed on I noticed that my clothes began to fit so much better, less snug in those problem areas, because of this I am actually looking forward to taking my measurements in a few weeks!

-Lesile P

“Lori, thank you for inspiring me! Your class is what I do for me. I feel I have gained a lot of strength back. Thank you…”

– M.C.

“There is truly something for everyone or everything for someone who is looking for diversity in their work out!” Lori is motivating and encouraging. She wants the best for everyone who attends her classes.  Lori has helped me to push myself harder than I thought I would or ever could.  I can’t’ think of anywhere better to be at 5:30 in the morning! Power and Grace… Who doesn’t want both?”

-Andrea C

“When my co-worker wanted me to try Team Mix Fit with her I had every excuse in the book not to go. By the 2nd week I thought why not, the first class is FREE. Every since then, I’ve been hooked; I’ve been going there for 3 months now.  Lori makes it so fun and I love how she mixes it up every day.  I’m never board or feel lost, she is always right there with you and she ever works out with you, which I love.  I can’t believe what a great workout I get during my lunch hour.  It’s a 30 minute, which is getting my body toner and stronger.  Lori is not just my trainer, but I feel I can call her a friend.”

-Connie M


“Monica is such a dynamic instructor! My son, Jimmy first started taking Taekwondo with her. Jimmy was shy, soft spoken and was not a leader.  Monica helped him find his “big voice”, become a leader in his class and helped boost his self-confidence.  I am so grateful for Monica’s patients, enthusiasm and her “thinking outside the box” mind set.  Oh, yeah and the kids love the marshmallow fights….”

-Lori A