Active Kids = Healthy Kids


  • R.I.P.P.E.D. 4 Kids is a unique fitness formula that takes key elements of exercise, sets them to music, and encourages children to move with purpose, but in a fun and creative way.  Exercise must be fun for children to want to participate.  Students will learn all types of exercises and will have the opportunity to lead the class in exercises of their choice. Each class has a theme, creating a more fun and energetic environment. Music is age appropriate

  • Studies show that skill acquisition through new and sometimes unfamiliar movements, while moving to music, can sharpen learning skills in the same way learning to play piano can improve a child’s math skills.

  • Teaching children to hear the beats of music, and move at the appropriate times, increases coordination and self-esteem. Helping to create a happier child.

  • The acronym: =RHYTHM, =INTERVALS, =POWER,                  =PLYOMETRICS, =ENDURANCE and =DIET & NUTRITION allows the kids to follow a formula, and keeps each purpose separate.  The rhythm section, for instance, not only provides a small amount of music education (we find upbeats, downbeats and listen for choruses and measures) but allows kids to explore and let loose.  Endurance, which is basic kickboxing movements, allows kids to maintain an elevated heart rate while acquiring mixed martial arts skills.